Saturday, April 4, 2009


I know... 2 posts in a day. I am just showing off now.
but really... I have done a lot of soul searching lately. I realized I have been on auto pilot. I have been going about life as if I were just trying to get through the day. does anyone know what I am saying?
let's start with dreams and goals. I didn't have any for a long time. I think I was too scared to fail. well you don't know if you don't try. I also had tried to put everyone else in front of my own needs. so as a result of realizing this I have an action plan now. I am writing a business plan and taking actions toward meeting that plan. what have you done to get yourself jump started?
I am allowing myself to listen to music to decide what I like. I am redecorating my room in colors only I could love. I am setting my own routine. its scary. if I keep with it I think I will learn a lot about myself. only good things from here on out. it is bound to affect my creativity as well. who knows what I will be making next!

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