Saturday, March 14, 2009

Feature Friday! (A Day Late) FunkyBlink

Featured Seller
Funky Blink!

Blinky is a colorful, happy & creative 26 year young designer trapped in a body of black-wearing, even more creative & just slightly older person.When she makes her beloved colorful jewelry she's wearing a red hood that her grandmother gave her.The red hood has not been tested as THAT-RED-HOOD, because Blinky thinks that sometimes it's better to believe - then you have all from life!Our Creature has two worlds - one is here, where she harvests sunrays and weaves them into her colorful creations... the other one is where she's traveling all the time with NEW-FRIENDS - in search of Morpheus - her beloved one.

So Usually, I will interview the Seller and ask questions about what her influence is and stuff like that... It's nice, but I feel like I can wing this one. FunkyBlink has become a buddy. Her shop is amazing!

Funky hosted a threadkiller on etsy. I started keeping up with it mearly to help out a friend. I quickly became addicted to the thought of having a pair of her earrings. I started checking the thread everyday! Now I am one of her biggest fans!

Her items are high fashion meets flayful fun. The color combos are mind blowing! Her creativity is huge. I just cant say enough about this super talented etsy seller. She's just starting out but the 2 sales she has have come quickly. Every day her pictures are more intreging and her jewelry more amazing and FUNKY!

And lastly... I just realized as I was picking pictures for this blog, that not only did I lose the threadkiller for free earrings, but the ones I was going to buy if I didnt win are the ones that the winner choose. Crap! What do I do now?

Well Whatever... I have many other items on my favorite FunkyBlink items list. I will just have to chose another one.

Check out her shop!
I guarantee you will find something you enjoy.

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