Monday, January 19, 2009


For me, the #1 reason I dont blog more... the reason my etsy shop isnt more sucessful... the source of all of life's problems is because I can't get good photos.

WHY?! I mean I took 2 years of photography in high school, Sr. photo editor in yearbook and newspaper. I actually worked for a real freaking newspaper... but nothing. Why cant I apply any of that to pictures of my work?

Okay, enough of that! So, I borrowed my brothers awesome Kodak Z710 yesterday. I am going to take a million freaking pictures if I have to.

How-To Make a light box:
How-To Take better pictures:

So... I will be posting very soon... probably wednesday with new and hopefully improved pictures.

On a much brighter note: I want to mention JohnnyConflict. I recently purchased a new shop "makeover" from You can check it out in full glory at my shop . Its amazing!

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