Monday, June 1, 2009

Etsy Featured Seller: Laura Caswell Studios

How Long have you been creating? And how long have you been selling?
I have been creating for as long as I can remember. As a child, the only thing that would help me to focus was drawing and coloring. I started selling my art 2 years ago at 2 local galleries in town. I had 15 paintings and all of them sold as well as a lot of prints. I decided to go to teachers college. Now, after I have finished all of my schooling I have decided to sell my work online as well as promote myself locally. I hope to be making more paintings this summer.

Do you consider yourself an artist or crafter?
I am more an artist than crafter. I still think that craftwork is art but I don't think my prints work in that category. I think there are many artforms such as cooking, gardening etc...that most people might not consider as art. Art is just showing your creativity!

Who has been your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is family and history. The idea behind my work is about integrating personal life experiences with heritage importance through the patterns of life and history. These works embrace the notion that out past and family's past has become a part of our present."Remember your history. To forget is to not belong."—Charlotte A. Black ElkIf you are asking about artists...I take ideas from a lot of artists but my work is a breed of its own.

Where do you see your etsy shop in the future?
I would love to sell my paintings online and start a t-shirt line. I hope I get featured as a "quit your day job" person but who knows. I just take it day by day and create as much as I can!!

What inspires your pieces?
My pieces are inspired by my family history, fairytales, life's beauty, my own hardships, imagination, music, colors, anything that I find interesting and I find a personal connection to.

Laura is a super talented new etsy seller. She's done a lot of research to make her store the best she can. All she needs now is our support and views! So check out her work. Be sure to tell your friends about her!


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